Deba Sports Boxmaschine Boxtrainer

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Deba Sports boxing machine boxing trainer.

With our boxing trainer you can not only practice your punching technique, but also improve your fitness and endurance. With the 12 specially positioned padded targets, you can practice uppercuts, hooks and direct hits and all kinds of combinations in the comfort of your own home. It also helps you maintain proper posture, which is extremely important in boxing. The solid material absorbs your blows and prevents injuries. The robust construction can be adjusted to your height. The targets have white numbers so you know which ones to hit to practice a particular shot.


Technical description:

Robust boxing trainer

Length 175cm

12 specially positioned padded targets

Solid material with easy-to-read white numbers

Allows you to practice uppercuts, hooks and direct punches

Improves punching speed and accuracy

Improves endurance and fitness

Extremely safe – prevents injuries

Suitable for private and professional use

Weight: about 40kg

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