Deba® Leder Doppelendball Punchingball Speedball Boxbirne mit Zubehör DE

39,95 19% inkl. MwSt.

Material PU Leather
Ball length 37 cm


Deba Speedball / double end ball for punch training, conditioning training and combination training.

Made of authentic PU leather with elastic fastening rope, 2 hooks (swivel) made of stainless steel, 4 dowels and 4 screws for fastening.

The light weight of the ball ensures a flowing rebound after every stroke, which leads to improved hand-eye coordination.

The first-class leather cover with double-reinforced leather threads ensures an appealing workout and a balanced workout every time.

The ball is hand sewn to the highest standards.

Length: 37 cm

Circumference: 57 cm inflated

Please note: the boxing pear is not delivered inflated.

If you wish, please contact me briefly. Of course, at no additional cost.

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