Deba® Boxsack Leder Sandsack Kampfsport mit Stahlkette Swivel

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Material Cowhide
Sizes 90 x 35 cm | 110 x 35 cm | 130 x 35 cm  | 150 x 35 cm | 180 x 35 cm


Deba aus authentischem Leder  Boxsack-MMA/Punching bag: ungefüllt.


Deba Leder Boxsack- ungefüllt, mit Doppelbefestigungszubehör oben und unten,  Stahlkette, Swivel aus Edelstahl und  Schrauben zum befestigen.

Deba Boxsäcke sind aus hochwertigem authentischem Leder gefertigt. Die Tasche ist so konstruiert, dass das Gewicht für gleichmäßige Kraftverteilung und Ausgleich zentral ausgerichtet bleibt.

Boxsäcke gehören zum einen der wichtigsten Grundausrüstungen des Boxens und MMA Trainings.

Fighters and coaches rely on heavy punching bags to practice accuracy and timing for boxing punches.

Deba Fight Gear has been making punching bags for professionals in the boxing and MMA industry since the mid-1990s. We use the highest quality leather and stitching to bring you durable heavy punching bags that can take blows! The Super Pro Leather punching bag will be your reliable training partner in boxing and at home.

Deba punching bags are made of high quality authentic leather. The bag is designed in such a way that the weight remains centrally aligned for even force distribution and balance.

The triple reinforced seams offer excellent durability of the bag for long durability.

The leather cover gives the bag a robust look and is therefore very hard-wearing for hard training sessions.

The deep cylindrical design allows full freedom of movement and improves hand-eye coordination.


Mounting accessories for top and bottom

The filling is evenly distributed in the punching bag and is gentle on the material even with strong blows.

Consists of high quality leather

The box set includes:
-2 carabiners for above and below
-Screws and dowels
chain -Fastening rope-> Size adjustable

Additional information

Additional information


90 x 35 cm, 110 x 35 cm , 130 x 35 cm  , 150 x 35 cm, 180 x 35 cm



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