Best Shoes For Boxing
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Best Shoes For Boxing

Best shoes for boxing! Yeah it is a question worth considerable if you are indulged directly or indirectly in any kind of hectic footwork. Of course boxing involves a lot. Well when we first hear the word a layperson would not think it’s important but its importance is undeniable.

The boxing is considered as a sport involving punching the opponent. But wait that’s just not it. Actually boxing is the sport that involves all the body parts to punch your opponent. Our body should be stiff and your position matters the most. Position your body in the right way is the involvement of your feet. So that’s why the shoes are not the normal routine snickers.

The shoes for boxing should have those qualities that help you in rotating, turning, griping, bending etc. because while in ring you have to move forward, backward, up and down within a second. Oh no you can not do that by a regular pair of shoes.

Here are some things that qualify for best boxing shoes :


Well grip actually involves the role of pivot. They work on opposite forces. The stronger the grip is the weaker the pivot. Actually pivot comes around to move around the same place or spot. As you can see, the whole idea of ​​sliding and rotating is not too good.

This lacks in a regular shoes. However, there is no set standard for these two reasons. So while having a hybrid design you have to be careful about giving the measurements to the manufacturer.

Light weight

Well the days of light things. Everything is made slimmer to carry, easily for style and elegance as the boxing goods. So it makes sense to build a lighter and easier to move around than a heavy one.

There are many reasons for having light weight shoes:

  • Lighter feet can move faster.
  • The closer you are to the barefoot the better agility you’ll have.
  • Made of rubber rather than leather.

Brine material

Shoe soles are made of a rubber or leather material so far. Well, the quality of leather is the best footwork in the ring, but has less traction. However the rubber shoes are more preferable these days.


Flexibility is therefore an important point to consider.

Shoe height

While talking about the shoe height there are three things to discuss. High tops, low tops, medium tops.

High tops are the traditional ones while low tops are extremely popular as well.

High top boxing shoes.

Sparing, shadow boxing, and heavy bag workouts, with the occasional fight, then pick a good low top boxing shoe.

One of the two most popular ones is the medium among boxing. Used for pure boxing action. In this your ankle is fully covered.

Ankle Support

Boxing style shoes have laces that run high up the foot, with uppers wrapping around the ankle. If you plan on fighting at any point, you should be focused on high tops.

Well these are some good qualities for you to consider while buying a best boxing shoe for yourself. So we can suggest some shoes which are:

  • Reebok boxing boat
  • Cleto Reyes High Top
  • Rival Guerrero
  • Otomix Stingray Escape (Best MMA / Boxing Mid Top)
  • IG-Deba Undefeated ( Best Boxing Boot )

And many more. Google these shoes and you’ll be on right place.

Moreover choose the shoes which best suits you personality, our skills, your feet movements. Try it on and do some moves and then select. You’ll find the perfect match for your feet.

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