Leather Boxing Gloves
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Deba Boxing Gloves

The  Deba  Boxing Gloves  are designed as classic boxing gloves. It has a shorter glove and a head, making it ideal for sparring and punching bag training.
It is a full cowhide glove and comes with double stitching. The Deba  Boxing Gloves  are visually perceptible in a gym with a colorful area. Like all boxing gloves from Punch, wearing a full wrist bandage for your safety and protection. It has room for hand packs.

Best features: –

  • Shorter glove
  • Against the head glove
  • Full cowhide
  • Double seam
  • Full wrist bandage
  • Traditional glove
  • No pillow palm
  • Sparring or pad work
  • Glove
  • 4 oz or 16 oz

The Deba Boxing  G loves  12oz, 14oz and 16oz weight categories so include suspension cushioning and re-enforced padding for the boxer. Many boxers prefer to train with heavy boxing Gloves than they ordinarily use in competition and this is because they want to enhance endurance powers. 

Deba Boxing Gloves  are stitched using high-density polyurethane. The skin of Ig Deba Boxing Gloves is usually top grain tanned leather cowhide or goatskin – to lend the boxing gloves both durability and flexibility.

There are inferior quality Deba Boxing  G loves made of vinyl, but most sports bodies accept only leather gloves. If you are just going to practice with a punch bag, then you can buy Deba Boxing Gloves and then you go into a ring, then go for quality ones.  

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